Mad Catz Arcade Fightstick Tournament Edition S+ for Xbox 360


Hey all,
I recently bought the Mad Catz Tournament Edition S+ to help improve my fighting game and was wondering if anybody else has tried it out and what they thought about it. I personally love the stick. I don’t think it has that many flaws and its a good price compared to what’s on the market. I wrote up a full review on if you could read it and tell me what you think I would be thankful!


I haven’t used that one specifically, but it doesn’t look like anything changed since my Soul Calibur V TE-S besides felt being added to the bottom. It seems like a fine stick, although it’s hard to imagine there are a lot of TT’ers who have waited this long to get a 360 stick, so there may not be a lot of users here. With a Hori PS4/PS3 stick going for the same price and working equally well on PC, there might not be a lot of need for this. I’m glad they offer it though, since those people do exist.

Solid review. In case you wanted any answers to the questions sort of raised in it:

  • Original TE and TE-S side panels do in fact work, provided the color you want is in stock. There are generally not restocked.
  • Some people use the extra space for storing a couple spare parts, such as buttons, and on newer sticks that open faster sometimes people will keep an iPod or other small stuff they don’t have space for in their stick bag (but remove during play). The primary advantage as far as this board is concerned is space for bigger and weirder joysticks and PCBs.

And because it’s Tech Talk, I’ll say the review could use more talk of modding. The top panel can be opened and parts replaced without voiding a warranty, and you could mention that there’s a lot of resources out there in the form of knowledge (cough SRK cough) and shops that sell parts which work easily with it. “Like the previous versions of the TE, Mad Catz built this stick with easy modding in mind. From new control boards that add compatibility for other systems, to replacement buttons and sticks to change the feel of play, down to customizing the artwork and balltop color, you could spend countless hours tweaking every aspect of this stick to your heart’s content. Luckily, there are strong communities [such as Shoryuken’s long-running Tech Talk forum] that have all the information you need to do so.” Something like that.

Welcome to the community. I’m glad you enjoyed Evo, and I hope you find more involvement in this scene to be rewarding.


The te-s line is known quality, and I really like the aesthetics of the new one- good color scheme, no lunchbox art, and cool looking obsc buttons out of the box. Good buy, enjoy it.


Does the TE S+ use the new quick disconnects found in the TE2? The ones with the little tab on the inside that makes removing them smooth and actually quick.


Thanks everyone for the replies!

@parksonian Thanks for the information! That’s very good to know. I’ll have to look into adding it to the article.

When I was looking up information on what controllers to buy I ran into a few issues:

  • Info on the Mad Catz controllers mentioned their PS3/PS4 controllers weren’t working with new Nvidia cards/drivers (which I have) or some such thing so I just avoided all ps3/ps4 controllers. Do you know if Hori doesn’t have this issue with Nvidia?
  • I guess the only other controllers I found were all $199 or the cheaper $50 controllers minus the Eightarc controllers and some other 360 controllers.
  • All other controllers were sold out thanks to EVO.

@General_Awesomo Yes it does! Not the best picture, but you can see them here

Thanks again for the replies!


They got their sleeves on so I can’t see the tabs lol.


I have a Tekken Tag Tournament 2 TE-S+ that is as solid as a rock. MCZ knocked it out of the park with the TE’s design. Of course, it has its little flaws, but I guess anyone could say that about any stick out there. My only (little) gripe about the TE’s is that the side panels can be a little involved to replace - still, it was great that they released sides and bezels in several colors. With production shifting to TE2’s it’s a shame that the accessory list has to get thin for these. Technically, people could be modding these for years to come!

Oh yeah, one last minor gripe… That RED GOOP, Lol!


Replying to confirm that the TE S+ has the same quick disconnects as the TE2’s


Nice. Thanks for caring to check and respond.