Mad Catz Arcade Fightstick Tournament Edition S Hardware Differences


Greetings to the SRK Community,

I’m thinking about buying a Fightstick TE S (XBox 360) and I would like apply Toodles’ Cthulhu mod chip for multi console support. I’m familiar with applying the Cthulhu mod to the original FightStick TE, however, with all of my searching, I cannot seem to find detailed information about changes made to the hardware in the new ‘S’ edition. I’ve read, in passing, about new PCB’s for the ‘S’ edition.

Can anyone confirm changes to the ‘S’ edition? Will the modding process on these sticks be as simple or just the same as the original FightStick TE?

Thanks in advance.


The only difference that will affect the modify is Guide pin.
The spot to solder for Guide moved one pin over on the main PCB.

You can still use the XGUILD point on the Turbo PCB.