The Mad Catz CURLEH MUSTACHE SOUTH Promo! This is our best deal of the year, you DON’T want to miss out on it!

Mad Catz’s special promo code ‘CURLEH’ gives you $50 OFF and FREE GROUND SHIPPING for US customers! Here are direct links to the products:

FightStick PRO for Xbox 360:
FightStick PRO for PS3:

FightStick KE for Xbox 360:
FightStick KE for PS3:


Holy crap, that’s an amazing price.
Sucks that not only are they $10 more expensive to Canadians, we don’t get free shipping either. So it comes up to $99 shipped for us north of the border for a Fightstick Pro…

Still an amazing deal nonetheless! Worth it for the parts (JLF + 10 Sanwa buttons = ~$50) and casing alone!


Yeah, sorry. I pushed for the free shipping but you know how things get when it’s out of the country. We just couldn’t do it.

But yes. Hopefully people are able to get these cuz we have limited quantities.


Ridiculously good deal!


I wish I waited to buy a stick for ps3.
This deal is glorious.


Must…resist…wedding…coming…up…in September… :’(


And again, the repulsive Mad Catz don´t ship to Spain. Yay.

Just forgot it.


There are worse places, but Europe gets it pretty tough when it comes to this stuff.
A good price for the MCZ Fightstick Pro here in the UK is £130 ($220).

Will there be any deals on at Evo this year @MarkMan? Might have to leave some space in my luggage :stuck_out_tongue:


Im getting unable to authorize multiple cards for the ps3 pro but its still charging my card. Any known issues?


I’m not even in the market for a PS3/Xbox360 stick, but 99 bucks Canadian is nothing to scoff at!


Please check with our customer support team on Monday morning. Did you make sure that your billing address and shipping address match for your cards? Also make sure you’re in the right store (US or Canada).

Yes, we will have some great ones!

repulsive? Sorry, we don’t have this deal for your region, but calling the company repulsive is a bit much…


I was going to buy a cheap brawl stick on amazon today and then saw this … boom K.E. Stick bought and paid for!!!

Wasn’t sure which one to go with but I’m happy overall, awesome deal!!!


Got a Fightstick pro. Extremely impressive price. Might make the transition from Hitbox to stick and this deal definitely made it easy to start :slight_smile:


It is, that’s the reason of my edit.

I’m sorry.


£130 for a pro is the rrp, no? I wouldn’t call it a “good” price…

Good deals here btw, props to MCZ


Tell me about it. I live in Poland and paid almost 550zl (that’s about 180$) for a new red FS PRO a couple months back, and it was good deal. Thankfully, justice was served when I found a barley (it looked more new than my “new” red one) used SFXT one for 200zl (about 60$).

Anyway, I can hardly blame Mad Catz for this. The market in Europe is more centered around their PC accessories, and arcade sticks just don’t sell well enough to warrant good deals and heavy distribution. I’m glad I could get it at all, and it was well worth the price.


No matter which way you cut it, £130 is a lot more than $130. Have a look online though, a lot of stores in the UK further mark up above the rrp on fightsticks and imported tech. Sticks are tough to come by in stores here, and not much better online. Ebay or no-way.

And like @LockedAndClish said, a lot of them are “new”. My latest stick arrived “new” too haha completely shameless!

No hate for the companies though; supply and demand.


Makes me wish I was in the states. One of the KEs would be mine.


wow and of course i totally miss out on this, barely saw it today