Mad Catz & Fight sticks

Is it worth is to get a mad catz fight stick? I’m perfectly happy with my HORI stick which lasted me around 2 years (bought second hand as well) but some of the buttons are faulty now. I play competitively a lot so I’m considering buying a mad catz stick but I’d rather not if HORI could be just as good for about £120 less. What makes a good fight stick? Everyone at EVO seems to have a mad catz one, what makes them so good? -thanks, Nayan.

As long as the pcb works, it’s the lever and buttons that matter. Quality (i.e. not the cheapos) off the shelf mass produced sticks usually have Sanwa parts. What Hori stick do you have? You may be able to replace the lever and buttons to make it as good as, or better than new. If it came with Sanwa or Seimitsu parts, you can simply replace the micro switches to fix it.

There is already a stickied thread for things like this (What Stick/Controller Should I Buy? Read the Guide on Pg 1 Before Posting). But in short, it all comes down to build quality, materials, and style. Madcatz makes some very popular designs. It also factors how sturdy the product is made. Both Hori and MadCatz both, primarily, use Sanwa parts so there is literally no difference in buttons and joystick.

Both companies’ cheaper offerings (barring clearance sales like the current mad catz one) have knock off parts.

Right, well thanks a lot, this and a fair bit of googling have led me to believe mad catz aren’t worth the money… I may as well just get the buttons fixed on mine and then if I care enough give it a nice design :slight_smile: Maybe in a few years if I’m going to EVO it might be worth it.

The only current mad catz sticks that don’t come with excellent parts are the SE/TvC/Brawlstick. The only offering of theirs I consider a bit steep is the TE2 for xbone.

I didn’t know MadCatz still sold any of those? I know they have the Korean sticks (which have Sanwa buttons) and the Fightstick Pro (which has Sanwa)

They don’t.

True, but there are still some of them floating around for sale.

Amazon and eBay are wonderful things, aren’t they?

Careful with both Amazon and eBay, alot of 3rd party sellers will grossly overprice a arcade stick.
Do your homework and research the value of the stick before buying online.

so I’m looking for Sanwa parts? I’ve been steering clear of ebay because they aren’t exactly reliable… I found this: but the price was a little steep.

Which hori stick do you have? If it’s as easy as popping in a few new buttons and new joystick switches, there’s almost no reason to buy a new one unless you really like the design.

I’d really like to stay under about $150 and get something with Sanwa parts (for Xbox I might add) that’ll last a few years. I’d like one with a nice design but to be honest it doesn’t matter too much to me. Also I’d prefer new to used… If such a thing doesn’t exist I’ll just get the best thing from mad catz and see how long it’ll last me. I don’t know the name of my current stick… it’s a pretty basic stick it’s plain white it’s like this|cat:10713125|prd:10713125&$$ja=cgid:7025699697|tsid:48121|cid:130772577|lid:54125519937|nw:g|crid:37478030697|rnd:15181879435821411325|dvc:c|adp:1o2|mt:

Also to be honest that stick looks so worn… I got it pre owned and it looks like every single sugary drink has been spilled on it over time. The buttons are sluggish and it’s near impossible to do ultra combos because 4/5 times the HKick doesn’t work…

Buy the WiiU MCZ TTT TE-S stick, on sale for$50, all Sanwa parts, get a PS360+ and have multi console capability.

This is the best option right now- that sale ends tomorrow though.

Your next best new options in the price range you started are the mad catz pro and the Hori HRAP n3 SA- both are about $130.

That won’t work with my Xbox though?

That’s why he said to put a PS360 it. The PS360 is a custom pcb that will work with the 360, ps3, DC, PS2, and maybe more I’m forgetting. You would have to install it and slightly modify the case to make it work.

The PS360+ works with PS3, XBOX360, PS1 and 2, and dreamcast.