Mad Catz Fightstick Pro PS3 PC Compatibility


My HRAP TE2 never worked with my AMD chipset, and I was wondering if the Fightstick Pro for PS3 works with AMD chipsets?
If anyone has any experience with this combo, before I pull the trigger on price drop, I’d be really thankful!
(any word of if I could use this stick on the PS4 somehow? Thanks!)




Yeah, I’m confused as well. Why not get a zero delay to replace the PCB. Guaranteed to work and really cheap solution.


Your HRAP TE2 will not work on PC because there’s no such thing as a HRAP TE2.


I’m sorry, a sf4 te2, with the red molding.


So is the stick in PS3 or PS4 mode?


I think he means TE round 2.

And not the TE2


I should of figured… :coffee:

OP’s only workaround is a PCB replacement.


I’m sorry, I just want to know of if the Fightstick pro for ps3 will work on all PCs, I know my current stick won’t.


The fightstick pro has way better compatibility than the early TE’s, so chances are it should work but I don’t have an AMD so not 100%, if anything you would have to buy a PCI usb


True, but new zero delay PCB ~$20 on the high end. Your TE is a fine stick, add the new PCB and you’re good to go. MCZ pro is arguable an inferior stick (more difficult to mod aesthetically, weird front slope) that you will have to pay three times more for (at least!).