Mad Catz Fightstick Pro V.S. Mad Catz TE?

Simply put, I have the option to buy either a Madcatz Fightstick Pro or a Madcatz TE Round 2. Which one should i buy and why? thanks!

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There’s a reason the FAQ’s above the player topic headings exist; so that people don’t ask the same questions a million times over and over again.

The problem is you newer guys still don’t bother to read the FAQ’s before you start posting…

It depends on your preference. If you can, try to find a way to try out both.

i don’t have a way to try them both :frowning:
that’s why i posted this

its personal preference. same stick and buttons. just different pcbs and shell/case.

Easy… get an Eightarc.

I like the te round two better out of those two; nicer case IMHO.

Custom ftw though. :smiley:

What surface do you play on? I have a TE already but my computer desk is too high for it IMO. I’m planning on getting the Pro because the incline on the front seems more comfortable to rest my arms on.

Considering the V.S is somewhat rare, i’d personally go with that.