Mad Catz Fightstick Standard Edition in stock at Gameshark!


The TE’s were in stock as well but they sold out almost instantly on both. - Xbox - PS3


thanks a lot man.


xbox is sold out already lulz


Thanks!!! I just placed an order for a PS3 version.


I just wish the PS3 ones would work on backwards compatible ps2 games.


Should I get one of these or wait for the TE to be instock?


wait unless you want to mod this yourself.


well there price for the te is 200$ while u can just buy the se and mod it for cheaper


Thank you. I heard the Swana parts are hard to find…true? Also the the SE sticks are bugging so I will be forced to mod it.


The TE is $150. I bought one from Gamestop yesterday

Sanwa parts aren’t THAT hard to find. Look on the forum for sites that sell them


yeah i know there at 150 but from their site its $199


I picked up an SE for my 360 last night… now I am just waiting for it to ship… and then arrive


Thanks alot! I’ve been looking for these for awhile!


Yay I just happened across them last night, picked up a 360 to hopefully mod and sell.


Has anyone actually had theirs shipped yet?
Mine still says in processing