Mad Catz FINAL ROUND PROMO! - 15% OFF EVERYTHING!* Ends 03/18/2011

Mad Catz FINAL ROUND Promo is now LIVE!

! If you don’t want a discount and want to win a stick… sign up for twitter and enter the team sp00ky stream contest (prizes will ship worldwide) !

You’ll need to tweet the following message to your followers exactly as it appears:

Getting CRUNK with @teamspooky's FINAL ROUND stream! I want to win prizes from @MarkMan23 @MadCatzInc @Filthierich! -

You must be following @teamspooky, @MarkMan23, @MadCatzInc and @Filthierich after tweeting the message in order to be eligible to win one of the following prizes:

[LEFT]- 2 Tournament Edition FightStick posters from Mad Catz

  • 2 Limited Edition Foil Team Mad Catz shirts
  • 1 Chun-Li Super SFIV FightStick TE ‘S’ for PS3
  • 1 Chun-Li Super SFIV FightStick TE ‘S’ for Xbox 360
  • 5 Aura Blue FightStick Key Chains[/LEFT]

Awesome! Tweeted and followed everyone.

Ultimate-Edition bundle is out of stock? No choice to backorder?

I picked up an MVC2 TE for the sale and since i saved so much on the stick itself…i upgraded to the two day shipping for 6 more bucks! 149.94 w/ 2 day shipping isnt bad. 143.49 if u get the 5-7 day.

I think it’s a decent deal and things are going fast…I just checked and they are out of MVC2 TE’s also now. all they have is MVC3, Chun li TE’s left, and i don’t believe the MVC3 one qualifies for the promotion. not sure on the chun li TE.

heh i just made my first tweet and followed the first few people in… almost a year…? As soon as i can lose this dumbphone and get back with something with an actual OS and data plan, i’ll be a-tweeting once more.

I just ordered myself a Chun Li PS3 one. I need another stick like I need a hole in my head, but I wanted this one. Thanks Markman!!

tweeted and followed… heres hoping…

when does the drawing take place?

Any idea when you are going to restock on xbox 360 round 1 or 2 TEs?


Markman, I’m one of the staff at final round. I got a chun li stick at the tournament and the ps home button doesn’t work and neither does the start or select. I called your support line and they said nothing could be done because I didnt have proof of purchase but the guy you had selling sticks wasnt giving out reciepts because he said he forgot the credit card machine. What can I do?

Lock Switch?

It’s not locked. EVERYTHING works but the home and turbo buttons, as well as the start and select. The face buttons and stick are fine.

That’s weird. It seems it’s acting as if it is locked.

PM me and I’ll take care of it for you right away.

  • Mark

You are the man, as always. PM sent.

Gamestop sells TEs for 130$.
I just called around the day mvc3 came out and found one real quick and saved time and money.
I know this sounds off topic but I’m just saying I don’t think 15% off madcatz is a great deal when you can just go to the local gamestop for cheaper. Then again it was the mvc2 stick that madcatz was selling for even cheaper a couple months (that was a great deal)

@Zangar yea, but gamestop isn’t just a hop skip and a jump for everyone, and even if it is, you’d have to hope they still carry them. A couple around here do, but not the majority.

This sale ends tonight at midnight (PST). Just as a heads up.

Finding TE sticks at retail now is a bit harder. Obviously if you can find a better deal (that is questionable as the 15% off makes it about the same after taxes), then take that deal. This is an online deal. And with most online deals… well I don’t think I need to explain it.

I tried telling everyone last year that these deals ($100 FightSticks, etc) won’t last forever.

Where can I get a $100 fight stick?

I don’t think they’re running that now.

There have been $100 fightstick deals offered at different times.

However, Markman, i’m sure, will correct me if i’m wrong.
(Heh and no sarcasm intended… in fact, i hope he would. :wink:

Madcatz has had them for $100 before, even cheaper at $70 something if you hit up the bogo in Nov and Dec. Amazon has offered them at a $100 a few times. After that it’s ebay. But supply is down and demand is up with MVC3 and MK9. So hard to find good deals these days. Best deal right now imo if you have a PS3 is grabbing up the bogo on TVC sticks and getting a $15 mayflash adapter. Comes to around $60 something for 2 sticks with the adapter and then they work on the PS3 and WII. The adapter has two ports so it’s all you need. Thanks again Madcatz for all the deals and Markman for the heads up on them.:bgrin: