Mad Catz LED PCB install Guide

Its really simple, but finding the header was not clear. Tried to make this as user friendly as possible


I know it’s quiet some time since this was posted, but does anyone know if this led pcb is compatible with the tes+ (shadowloo edition) ?
Thx in advance.

Are these discontinued? Waiting for Mad Catz to get these back in stock, taking a while.

Never mind, I just called Mad Katz. They’re out of stock due to SFV release.

Do you own a tes+? Noones has posted pics of the TES+ pcb yet afaik.

That is out of left-field and off topic.
The stick just came out and none one got a chance to really get in there elbow deep and taken the thing apart yet.

As far as i know, only a te2+ have a additional plug for the light pcb. My tes+ shadowloo came today. Will open it and check it out if it has also a plug. But i think it will not ^^