Mad Catz Microcon XBox360 Pad "REV E" Still Common GND?

Just a quick q, I couldn’t find anything on a search of this except one vague reference. I have a Black Gamestop MICROCON XBox360 pad, and the PCB is “REV E” Rev C is a common ground I know, anyone have any experience with this pad? I assume they kept it the same and I have no multimeter handy. If anyone has worked with it, please let me know. Thanks.

I got a multimeter I borrowed. The ground is common on this pad. Just in case anyone needs to know for future. The GAMESTOP BLACK MICROCON MAD CATZ XBOX360 PAD REV E is common ground.

Thanks, you can close this out.

What about the triggers? Do they require inverting or not?

What’s the designation to tell if the controller you are buying is a revision E model? Is it on the packaging?


Hey toodles, it may not be appropriate here, but how do you know if something requires inverting or not? I tried looking up some definitions of inverters and some of it was over my head but I’m always eager to learn more. Even if you just know of a good article ont the subject that would be great!

in terms of inverting what do u mean exactly? the way i usually do it is when im doing a dual mode stick toodles, i plug in to the ps3 side, put on a game like sf4, and slwly turn the trigger actuators until they work on ps3. usually when they work on ps3, they work on 360 as well. i then test the 360 side to make sure, and then hot glue them in place.

mike: you can tell its a REV E cause it says so on the actual circuit board right above the left side analog stick actuator on the board

sorry for the delay in reply, im just actually wiring up my next arcade dual stick tonight, so i pulled up this thread

On the pcb, usually it will say Ver. 4716 A-G on the left side on the bottom of the back button.

yes, it stil needs inverting on the triggers

here is the thread on how to use a hex inverter, or use the resistor/transistor method