Mad Catz MvC2 Parts Question

My stick just died on me today. I have narrowed it down to the input board for the joystick but I have no idea on where I can buy a replacement board. If you need the part number or anything like that just let me know.

Thanks a ton.

Madcatz can send you a new pcb if you’re still under warranty iirc.

Oops, I was assuming you were talking about the TE PCB itself. Are you sure it’s the microswitches?

lizard lick has em for joystick accessories

edit: You talking about the microswitch pcb or the whole controller pcb?

The controller pcb that everything connects into. This board specifically, here

I’d try re-seating this cable and all the other ones too while you’re at it, also I noticed you un-plugged the headphone cable, did you open this from the bottom?

Yeah I opened it from the bottom, I don’t have the correct size allen wrench.will try to reseat that connection though.

Yeah, it happened to me too, of the maybe 4 sets I had, none of them had m4/1/16th, and I was too lazy to go buy another set. I’m swapping them out for Nylon Phillips that I’m going to paint.