Mad Catz MW2 360 Controller Padhackable?

Unfortunately, after hearing that the d-pad for this controller was better than the stock 360 controller I decided to buy it. urns out this controller felt inferior to the stock controller in terms of analog plus the x button sticks somewhat (not sure if that’s just a problem with my controller and not every one made). The analog makes it harder to aim in FPSs and makes it harder to do specials with Characters such as Blanka, Balrog, Bison, ex. in SFIV for some reason.

TL;DR: Shit controller. Waste of $50+. Wondering if I can use it’s PCB for my HRAP3-SA that should be here by tomorrow.

The item number of this is controller is 47260 if that helps at all.

Over 30 views but no replies. I’m guessing no one is sure?

Like you said, it’s a $50 controller and I don’t think anybody here has bought one to padhack…
There shouldn’t be a reason you can’t padhack it, it’s just a matter of how easy or difficult it will be.

Return it or put it back up on eBay, with MW2 in the name it’ll probably sell fast.

Alright. Hopefully when I open it it’ll be as easy as the 4716 pad.

Return it or put it back up on eBay, with MW2 in the name it’ll probably sell fast.

I would feel bad for whover bought it. Plus it has a sticky X button as I said and I don’t know if that’s just how the controller was made or it was just a manufacturer error. I wouldn’t want the person that I sell this to, to complain about it.

Check Gamestops for used versions. they are only $20 (taken in as off brand wired 360 controllers)

Eh I put the controller up on Ebay for $25 bid $35 buy out with free shipping. I explained the problems with the controller upon receiving it but not my personal problems. I doubt this will sell anyway=. Eh guess I’ll open it within three days assuming no one buys it and I’ll post a picture though no one would be interested in that.

I sold mine on amazon 2 days after purchasing it, it sold pretty fast for 35, this was like 1-2 months ago or so

I felt like selling it as soon as I realized the x button was funny. It’s a shame I kept it for so many months and now it’s like less than $40 due to being so shitty Not really a loss though since i’ll be using the PCB most likely. I just hope whatever I see is very similar to the PCB used in this guide.