Mad Catz NorCal Regionals 2013 Promo! 50% OFF MLG FightStick (PS3) & $60 OFF Select FightSticks!

Mad Catz is a proud sponsor of this weekend’s NORCAL REGIONALS 2013, part of the Road to EVO 2013! We have some special deals for this weekend! All deals/promo codes are valid on our US store only! Sorry international fans/customers, there will be something for you guys soon!

All deals/promo codes are valid until end of day April 29, 2013!

Here’s what we got!

Save 50% OFF the original retail price of the Major League Gaming Arcade FightStick Tournament Edition for PlayStation 3! Just in time for EVO 2013 (PS3 console tournament)… Use coupon code ‘MLGMARKMAN’ at during checkout to take advantage of these savings!

Save $60 OFF the following products (About 38% in savings) ! Use coupon code ‘MCZMARKMAN’ at during checkout to take advantage of these savings!

[]Street Fighter X Sanrio Arcade FightStick PRO for Xbox 360
]Street Fighter X Sanrio Arcade FightStick PRO for PlayStation 3
[]TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT 2 Arcade FightStick TE S+ for Xbox 360
]TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT 2 Arcade FightStick TE S+ for PlayStation 3
[*]TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT 2 Arcade FightStick TE S for Wii U

Psst. We only have about 12 Street Fighter X Sanrio FightSticks for the Xbox 360. Once they’re gone, we’ll only have a SMALL allotment left that we’re saving for our EVO 2013 booth!

Also, while you’re at it, check out our new clothing range: Mad Catz Game Hard Wear at !

lol already purchased the MLG stick prior to this, darn it. Well should be getting here today.

MCZ, y u no sfxsanrio in uk?

We always get shafted when it comes to different flavours of things (soft drinks, pop tarts, but notably not potato chips/crisps).

The MLG is the better deal, even if it’s only the PS3 version.

Given the choice between a Sanrio and TE-S+, the latter is a no brainer.

There’s a distinct lack of pink in the other two models, though.

I welcome any and all discounts for the uk, of course :slight_smile:

That is why the baby jesus invented vinyl dye.

There’s a few discounts on the UK site, but nowhere near as healthy as the US. Grr…

Man this is the best promo code. Now to go on and promote on all the streams!

Less swag.

I picked up an SCV S for £60 a few weeks ago from them, those were the days.

I miss the Soul Edition sticks. IMO they are the best sticks MadCatz have made so far.

They’re going for £79.99 on the UK website right now if you’re interested. Also, if you just want to hold one you can dual mod mine :slight_smile:

Ugh!. Just received mine last night.

We have a few UK sales, albeit different from the US one. Please see the link above.

Also, we can’t sell every product in each territory. There are licensing agreements that often prevents us from selling/bringing products to different regions.

I understand. I also suspect releasing the Sanrio sticks in the UK would bankrupt the company due to low demand :slight_smile:

No more sanrio 360 sticks. Waited a bit too long :frowning:

Vader nooooooo! I wanted one wish i had seen this earlier ;(

The 360 ones are all sold out. We are saving 20 for EVO :frowning: !

We’ll also have some at NCR (just 4), so if you know someone attending, have them buy it for you ($100) !

Hey Mark Man! Got me one of the Sanrio Fightsticks but they say they are Back Ordered. Do you know when I’ll be getting mine in the mail?

Looks like I’m going to NCR haha

Damnit I won’t be at NCR til later.
I still have my kitty in a box,
Dualmodded one yesterday for the tourney and now I want another one!

Can we call dibs??

Got one! :slight_smile: