Mad Catz or Hori?


With Christmas right around the corner I was wondering, should I get the Hori Fighting Stick EX 2? It is either this one for the SF4 Mad Catz one. D:

Hori EX 2: Xbox360 Fighting Stick EX 2: Video Games


The SE is easier to mod, if that’s the “SF4 Mad Catz one” you’re talking about.
the EX2 is like fighting four bears to mod it if something breaks.
The SE is definitely the better choice in this case.


get the SE

read the arcade stick faq sticky


The build quality on both suck, but as stated before the SE is much easier to mod. I’ve read though that the MadCatz PCB’s lag 1 frame more on average than the Hori’s, but this may not be true for all models.


Just get this and then replace the buttons with Sanwa later if you don’t like them. Ask mom and dad real nice and maybe they’l get it for you.

The good sticks are so cheap these days you really shouldn’t even bother with the mid-low tier.


I had a Hori. Started messing up so i cracked it open and looked inside and my mind went * :looney: *

Got an SE used. Crack it open and it was easy. I could swap the buttons in and out, whenever one was acting up I switched it with one that wasn’t.

Besides sanwa buttons are at a ok price on amazon if you need replacements, cause I plan on getting me some when i can put the money aside for em.

SE for the win if your pockets not deep:shy:


Just get an SE and mod it. Unless you’re getting an HRAP, Hori sticks will drive you nuts if they break. Out of stock, it’s superior to the SE in like every way imo, but if and when a button breaks, you’ll have to go through hell to change the buttons.

In most cases, unless you own the equipment to solder, you’ll be spending around the same price for a fully stocked sanwa parts SF4 stick.

Just get the SF4 stick and mod it.


Well take note I am wanting this for the Xbox 360 for USB but I should just get a Street Fighter one dew to the fact that everyone is telling me to mod it.




While Hori does make good sticks, the EX 2 looks like utter garbage. Madcatz all the way.


Isn’t the FS EX2 the same as the FS3? If so, skip it because I even found it too troublesome reading some of the tutorials…the fact that you need to grind the metal plate of the FS3 to fit a standard JLF in it is just ridiculous. Just go with the SE stick, sure the stock stick and buttons are absolute garbage but it’s so brain dead easy yo mod.

Anyone crack open the new FS VX/V3 yet? Wonder if they made them as easy to mod as all sticks nowadays?


^What he said.


i recently bought an SE and it was very easy to mod. I like it alot.