Mad Catz PS2 Wheel Problem


OK, weird story. I found a Mad Catz PS2 steering wheel at a misc. used junk store. Whatever PCB inside it is clearly hosed. I don’t see a model number on it, but it does have a Mad Catz Analog Digital Racing sticker on it. When I bought it you could hear the PCB sliding around inside the steering wheel. Obviously, it doesn’t work. Why would I buy it then? It also had a PS2->Xbox adapter on it, and it was 2 bucks.

The real question is can it be fixed, or is it even worth it to fix it? The wheel has a similar feel to the Saturn Arcade Racer (a good product), and my Intec wheel has a huge dead zone and gets very sensitive after the dead zone, so it’s not very helpful. Any idea if a steering wheel could be rewired to something more accessible than a replacement PCB, like a dual shock? And has anyone used the Mad Catz wheel? If it’s a complete piece of crap anyway fixing it becomes a moot point.


All I ever used was a Logitech racing wheel, I couldn’t stand using anything lesser after it.


I have the Red Logitech Formula Force GP. Found it at a thrift store fore $10. Works great, I just need to bolt the accellorator/brake base down to something heavy. It is USB and worked great with Gran Turismo 3 and 4. It was detected by GT 3 as the official PS2 GT3 wheel. I think they are identical pcbs, just rebranded. Sadly my pad driving skills did not transfer right away to the wheel. I didn’t give it enough time like some people don’t do for arcade sticks.


Official GT3