Mad Catz Retro 360 pcb. Kick will activate after 10 min of use

I have a 360 mad catz retro joystick pcb hooked up to my joystick setup. I have checked the L and R trigger pins and they are clean. I have even replaced the wires and reduced the amount of solder on them.

The board will activate the L and R trigger constantly. It will do it occasionally in the 360 menu. It does not matter if the board is moved or not. The little black clips that go on the L and R trigger spots have been removed (the ones that have to be in the “neutral” position.

Any ideas?

LT and RT? if so do you have resistors on them?

no I do not have any resistors on them

HINT: That just MIGHT be the problem. :looney:

Use the search feature.

i didnt know u needed resistors… What rated ones?

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The PCB doesn’t like the triggers, use the bumpers instead.

Quit your bitchin’, he was telling you to use the search button because it’s been posted before.

Cant find it

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Search better.

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Thank you very much. I have been having a frustrating time with the search feature.
there are pictures in this thread of the exact pcb with where to solder the resistors