Mad Catz Round 2 TEs (PS3 & 360) / Hori Tekken 6 RAP-EX (360). Need to sell ASAP!


Will update the thread with pics later.

PS3 Round 2 TE - Like New $90 + shipping

Info: Bought this TE late last year. Has only been used once by myself for 6 matches (I don’t own a PS3). Still has original box.

Face & Cord
In box

360 Round 2 TE - Used $70 + shipping.

Face & cord
In box

Info: Bought this early 09. Been used on a weekly basis. Perfect working order. Some surface blemishes from use, but nothing major. Still has original box, small separation on the left side, but I don’t know if that’s going to kill you.

Hori Tekken 6 RAP-EX (360) - Like new $60 + shipping.

Face & cord

Info: Bought this in 09. Used once or twice. Perfect working order. Still has box, but no cardboard inserts. Will be using bubble wrap.

Cash only. Prices negotiable. These need to go ASAP!


pictures would help your sale.


Thread updated with pictures!


Can’t sell this over SRK right now. Bank account’s now overdrafted and wouldn’t be able to ship it out in any kind of a timely manner. I’m sorry. :frowning: