Mad Catz Sale During Comic-Con and Evo 2011


So Markman tweeted last night:

‘Just as a heads up, Mad Catz sales are coming back! Get ready for some awesome deals during Comic-Con & Evo 2011!’

Does anybody know if these will be available to UK peeps also? The reason I ask is because a lot of deals the US store has doesn’t relay over to the UK store. I know there was a sale last year but I wasn’t really paying attention to MCZ at that time so not sure if last year’s deals were available in the UK. I tried tweeting him but he seemed pretty busy last night so he probably couldn’t reply or missed it, so does anybody know or have any idea about this?


It probably will only be US since markman had said before that he was not affiliated with the UK side of madcatz…
Tho the UK has done sales like this before…but don’t count on it =(

yeah alot of uk people if they know someone in the us they pay them to buy the stick and to ship it to them since it still comes out cheaper for them

I hope they show a little love across the pond, or whatever, especially since they are officially sponsoring Kayane and Ryan Hart, according to our front page a little while ago.

Is this an online sale, or a sale at SDCC?

Also, I’m new here, be gentle.

I’m hoping for an online sale

Bump I think last year they had the round 2 tes for $100. Come on te-s sale! :slight_smile:

I want that te keychain too!

Damn, I’m bringing 300, so I should be ok.
The only other thing I really wanted was the exclusive Sue Storm figure
Kotobukiya’s offering.

Welcome to SRK/Tech Talk.

In the past, the sales have been both online and at CC itself. Sometimes however Mad Catz will have exclusive stuff available at CC that you can’t get anywhere else, like the white and orange Comic-Con TE sticks from… two years ago? Three? I forget. During that sale they also had fightpads available with the same CC-exclusive color scheme, available on site and at the online store, but those gathered dust while the TE pads sold out.

Anyway, we’re likely going to see sale items both online and at CC, and we may even see new items on sale at both locations, but we might also see something special that’s only available at CC itself.

Awesome! I need one desperately. No more SIXAXIS for me.

Close enough.

looks like they just cut her hair short.

Anyone know whether sdcc will have a special madcatz stick? Last year they did not have anything special.

Short hair Sue is a CC Exclusivo. And I’m a sucker for the exclusives.

$100? Oh man I hope it’s around that price again this year. The cheapest TE I can find on Amazon is the BlazBlue edition at $130 which is nice but still.

I’ll post details on the sales this week and next.

Thanks! Looking forward to it :slight_smile:

Can’t wait! ty

You are the MAN!

Street fighter day has arrived! Ant special sdcc sales at the booth or online?