Mad Catz SE Nightmare

Okay, so I just pissed away $60 trying to mod my Madcatz SE fightstick. I couldn’t remove those f-ing quick-disconnects to save my life. A flathead didn’t work, nor did needle-nose pliers. In fact, the pliers broke some of the contacts off. It’s just my luck that I’d get a model that would be a stubborn POS. Anyone who is thinking of getting a Matcatz SE to mod, think twice. You’d need freakin’ thumbs and index fingers of steel to get those damn things off.

On a positive note though, my package from Lizard Lick came incredibly fast. Thanks to Lizard Lick.

Post some pictures, it sounds like you can salvage some of it. What contacts broke off? The ones on the old buttons? If so, its not a big deal seeing as how you are going to replace them.

flathead didn’t work?

The way I do it, I stick the flathead underneath the qd and rotate it and it pushes the most stubborn QDs off.

Unless you sat it on fire im sure your ok. Like Toggle said post some pics so we can see where you are.

dude i use the back of a exacto knife

put it inbetween the DQ and the button

slowly turn clock wise until you see it move and then turn it counter clock wise till it comes off keep repeating till it comes off.

the key is slowly, take your time

if i get my SE soon I’ll try to take pictures.


I had no problem whatsoever getting the quick disconnects off. My SE stick was super easy to mod. Just used some pliers to get them off.

grab a piece of cloth, wrap around your fingers, the pull the qd by hand. that how i did mine. the cloth gives you a bit of grip and also protects your fingers.

Ah, such a simple solution! And it worked! Thanks man!

Since you’re likely taking off the buttons to never use them again, if you snapped off the lugs from the stock buttons, don’t worry about it. Just take an old stock button that you are removing that still has a lug attached, and push it through the quick disconnect, and the broken lug should slide out. I snapped mine off myself, so this was my method of fixing it.