Mad Catz SE Problems

I have 2 sticks, the SF4 SE stick and the Round 2 stick. My SE stick is modded, just the joystick n the buttons so far. I recently purchased a 8 way gate for the SE stick. I open it up swap the restrictor plates, plug in the SE tick to the PS3 n the PS3 doesnt pick up the joystick movements. To make a long story short the part of the circuit board that controls the joystick movements are dead. However, the home button , lights and turbo button are workin fine. Can somebody hlp me? Can i replace the circuit board?

And before i get a lot of hate and r u stupid comments on this post. YES. I did everything, restart the PS3, check the PCB( i even swapped the SE PCB for the TE one and both are working fine) i switched the cords connecting the PCB to the circuit board. I have done everything possible. I just want some help with my problems that is all. Thanx

Make sure your lock switch is set to DP.

Also, make sure the harness connected to the joystick is plugged in. If you plug it in and only the down direction works, then you’ve accidentally plugged it in upside-down.

The 5-pin connector to your joystick probably comes loose since the glue was removed when you swapped joysticks. You’ll need some kind of tape or other creative solution to make it stick

Thanx so if i secure the five pin then it will work

Like nerrage said…make sure your se switch is set on “dp” (the switch on your turbo panel)