Mad Catz SE select button pop


I ordered two SE sticks (1 for Xbox, 1 for PS3) from Walmart during the $29 sale.

When I opened them up, I mashed on the buttons a bit, then went to press the select and start buttons on the back. In both sticks, the select button seemed stuck in the off position and did not want to move at all. With a little extra force, I pressed it hard and it popped in, and now works normally. I was wondering if this is normal or if anyone has seen that before.


Its honestly hard to say whats normal operation for an SE stick. I mean hardware failure is pretty common among them so its certainly is unsurprising, but its not suppose to be normal for products to not work.

Madcatz for ya, you get what you pay for. Unfortunately you cant swap out the select/start buttons with Sanwa, unless you feel like some drilling.


I got one as well. when i touch the buttons. i thought it was better than i expected, just a bit cheap. when i touch the start button i realized that the select and start buttons are totally trashes. Even greater was that walmart shipped me a ps3 one while i ordered a 360 one.


never happened to me.

I haven’t tried it myself but apparently the Weko 12mm buttons from etokki can fit in the holes if you are looking to replace them.

Weco W12M Black


if you have a steady hand you should measure out the 24mm holes and dremel the openings for sanwa push buttons on the start and select… actually… just replace the buttons all together and stick as well lol… you will have less problems that way.

a lot os SE threads going out more than normal… damn sales…


Nah I don’t really need to replace them since they are working fine now, it just seemed weird that the select button seemed like it wasn’t put through the QC process (or not, Mad Catz, etc). And that it happened on both sticks. I don’t know how else to describe it, like there was some kind of internal seal or something that should have been broken in at the factory, but wasn’t. Oh well, no harm no foul.


woah hold up? a 29$ stick sale???


I like the SE version of the CROWN Korean fight stick. They just had to use those stupid start stop buttons. GODDAMN IT


Holy crap Batman!
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