Mad catz sf4te stick for pc


hey my gf just got me the sf4te stick at a game store used for me and i use a windows 8.1 laptop and play fightcade and i have usf4 on stream and my pc registures that the stick is there but when i go to map the buttons nothing happens it doesnt registure any input i looked around online and couldnt find much info nobody in the chats were helpful has anyone had this experience before?


Make sure you plug the stick into a working USB port before starting up the game.
If the game starts up first, then you plug in the stick, the game will refuse to detect.


its a ps3 stick i think and heard i might have to buy a chip for it i hope not i use a lenovo winndows 8.1 laptop actually got the stick for a great deal and i dont want it to go to waste its worth around 200 and paid 78 bucks for it

#4 this is my stick btw heard its one of the best on the market atm


isnt that the first TE stick? Did they go for $200 back then?


The stick that came out back in 2008?

Oh crud I over looked that.

What Processor you are using in your PC?

Computer mother boards with non-Intel chip sets will be incompatible.
So if your PC is AMD, it already not going to work (not that AMD is inferior).

See the Original Mad Catz TE for the PS3 and the Round uses UHCI protocols (Proprietary Intel Standard) instead of OHCI or EHCI (Open Standard)

The whole thing been detailed and documented on another thread
Link - MadCatZ PS3 TE FightStick: PC - Xp- vista- win7 32-64bit (read 1st post)

There are 2 fixes.

  1. if you have a Desktop PC, you could install a PCI card for USB ports that have the UHCI chip. This is often left out on the packing so good Luck. And It does not help Laptops.

  2. Open up the Mad Catz TE and replace the PCB/Encoder inside with a PCB that would be PC compatible.