Mad Catz SFIV Regular Controller 360 Problems

When I play turn on my 360 using a generic mad catz 360 pcb, it works absolutely fine when I play other games., but when I play street fighter iv, the heavy kick(RB)doesn’t function while I’m fighting in the game but it works on the menu when I want to edit my status. Other than that the Right Button works on everything else, including my pc. I need some advice.

If the button works on everything else, check your game controls, it may have been unbound or set to the wrong profile in game.

already did. its weird.

Its not that RB has been unbound, its that RB is bound to something in SF4 that is also bound to one of the triggers you didnt properly take care of. SF4 thinks (insert problem trigger or button) is pressed, so it thinks that Roundhouse is always pressed, so it ignores you pressing the ‘other’ roundhouse. Unbind all of the buttons that aren’t present on that stick and I’d bet it’ll start working.

but that’s just my 3am guess. I could be wrong or otherwise asleep at the keyboard.

I have recently seen it where if you have two roundhouse buttons mapped only one will work and the other just wont. So dont map two roundhouse buttons. This happened to me the other day. It was also the xbox 360 version of sf4.

@networkingyuppy: Did you get this working? I think I have a similar problem on a Mad Catz controller.

What method did you use to deal with the triggers?