Mad Catz Soul Calibur V Soul edition


I’m not sure if I’m asking this at the good place:
I would like to change the buttons and the joystick of my old Mad Catz Soul Calibur V Soul edition fightstick for a new set, BUT I’m not sure which one should I order… And I didn’t find any technical specs about it.
Does anybody know exactly which joystick/buttons would working for this fightstick? (I mean is the joystick Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT, or something else, are the buttons OBSF-30s or OBSC-30s or something else - and could I install the silent buttons or they are thicker than necessary?)


Yeah it has a Sanwa JLF in it and OBSC and OBSF are both Sanwa just one is clear and one is solid. What joystick do you want to swap it with? Silenced buttons are just padded, they’re the same buttons just with pads on them or in them.


If you order 30mm buttons, it’ll work.

Wether you want regular, clear and/or silent, is up to you!

FocusAttack or Paradise Arcade Shop are great places to get replacement buttons!

Enjoy the modding, you will get addicted lol!


Addicted and poor if you don’t take care :stuck_out_tongue:
this shit is like crack


Thanks guys.
I ordered sanwa OBSF-30 buttons and a sanwa JLF-TP-8Y with a mash ball handle and a GT-Y restrictor from akihabara shop (if I do it, do it right).
I can’t wait 'till they’re get here…

Yeah, I think I can feel the addiction already - I’m thinking on changing the paintjob of the case… :stuck_out_tongue: