Mad Catz SOULCALIBUR V Arcade FightStick SOUL Edition for PlayStation 3 & Xbox 360

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Here are images of the SOULCALIBUR V Arcade FightStick SOUL Edition:

Here are some key points about the SOULCALIBUR V Arcade FightStick SOUL Edition:
[]Tago-san, the producer for SOULCALIBUR V told us at E3 2011 that he wanted a stick similar to the SSFIV Chun-Li Tournament Edition FightStick. We agreed to make something similar; but to make changes/improvements that cater to the fighting game fan and of course the SOULCALIBUR fan
]That being said, the SOUL Edition has a translucent body all around with the artwork of the Soul Edge and Soul Calibur swords tying into the case design
[]The FightStick has a new button layout and has a button mapping that is unique to SOULCALIBUR. The new button layout and stick placement is following the NAMCO NOIR arcade panel layout; this layout is most reminiscent of the classic SEGA Astro City layout
]The bezel on the SOUL Edition FightStick is what we call the “EDGE” bezel; which helps give it more of a SOULCALIBUR look & feel
[*]The SOUL Edition uses 6 stainless steel screws; we’ve listened to your feedback and have noted that rusty screws are not appealing
Here are additional images showing off the Noir layout and also the new stainless steel screws and ‘Edge’ bezel:

There are some other tidbits here and there; but we’ll wait to reveal that as time goes on. This FightStick is slated for availability in North America, Europe and Japan.

Please let me know if there are any questions. :smiley:

sounds like its gonna come out nice cant wait to see final product

sweet, more than likely ill pick one up

I am looking forward to the next button layout, hopefully more “curvy”?

Also I hope it doesn’t have a lenticular surface or whatever is on the Chun-LI TE as that surface feels weird to me. :sweat:

nice, will keep on tab

…“edge” bezel?

If you’re familiar with the Noir, that is the button layout you can look forward to having. It’s the same as the TEKKEN 6 official arcade machines.

This FightStick does not have the lenticular art on it :wink:

Yeah, just wait for pictures to see what I’m talking about.

6 or 8? :slight_smile:

8 is pretty much a requirement from developers nowadays. So that should be your answer :open_mouth:

sounds nice! another reason to look forward to sc5 :D!

We could hope.

Is it going to be made by Madcatz for Namco, like the Fightstick PRO?

Any signs of the stick moving a couple of an inch or in and a half farther away from the buttons? Current design is so cramped.

I’m not sure what you mean? The FightStick PRO was just like how we always do it, a licensed product. The NAMCO Arcade FightStick with TEKKEN Hybrid EXTREME Edition was something we made for NAMCO though.

It is following the Namco Noir arcade panel layout. So in short, yes the stick is further away from the buttons compared to the Vewlix/TE layouts.

Aside from having 8 buttons, these sticks could be pretty cool.
Can’t wait for the pics. :slight_smile:

The layout on a noir looks good! Plenty of space between the buttons and stick.

I already have my order down for the Tekken Hybrid Extreme Bundle. Now this will be too good to pass up, take my money! Will this be a bundle available for pre-orders at local stores sometime down the road? I do hope this will be available in Australia. =\

I think I may have to buy the Hell out of one of those sticks.

I’m even more excited for SCV now!!!

I’m really interested in this stick. A clear smoke colored case would be awesome.

Does it have a handle or a lockswitch?