Mad Catz SSF4 Fightstick on PC SSF4AE?

does anyone know if the fightstick is compatible with the pc verison of ssf4ae? i was thinking of buying the fightstick and ssf4ae on pc, but im not sure if the fightstick is compatible and i wanted to make sure before i bought anything

The XBox TE works perfect. Just plug it in and you’re good to go.


It does, just make sure you get the Xbox360 version and you’ll have no problems. There are some compatibility issues with the PS3 stick that can result in you having to buy a new USB card.

thank god i asked first o-o

Yeah I made that mistake to begin with because not only was the PS3 one cheaper, they were also initially stated as plug and play, but it wasn’t the case. There is (or was) a thread on here dedicated to the USB cards that were compatible with it and what wasn’t (I remember there being a problem with motherboards that had built in Nvidia graphics), thankfully I lucked out with an old USB card I had lying around and now my new machine has it working perfectly from the motherboard USB. But yeah, to save that kind of hassle, get the 360 stick.

If the solution is to get a new USB card, how do i solve the problem of playing this game on my laptop? Is the only solution to really buy a xbox stick?

You can always buy a PS3 Chun-Li TE-S, any PS3 Hori, or any PS3 Qanba stick which should work on any PC.

that still entails buying a new stick. there really is no other option?