Mad Catz SSFIV Fight Stick Warranty

So I bought my SE stick last Christmas, not last years but the one before. Two weeks after I bought it there was a price drop and four of my buttons went out. Have not used it since (Pad Warrior). So I called Mad Catz and they sent me the information to get it replaced, that was about 9 months ago. Can I still send it back? I know I will have to call but is my warranty still covered?

I’m pretty sure it’s a 90-day warranty. That being said, it doesn’t hurt to ask.

And barring that, I think replacing your buttons with Sanwa or Seimitsu ones should likely solve your problems. But, you can try the warranty first before opening up to see if that’s the problem and voiding your warranty.

Mehhh… I am going to call and say they would not ship it. They as in UPS. xDDD That should be an excuse, if not I will just order the 8pc Sanwa button set.

u wont regret it :smiley:
i modded my brawl stick with a semitsu ls-32-01 and sanwa buttons. i love my stick to death

I just bought the 8pc Sanwa buttons. All I need is the replacement screws for the bottom plate because they are a bit stripped… Dx

2 year warranty in Europe, 90 days everywhere else.