Mad Catz stick opinions for a newbie

I realize there are dozens of threads about these sticks but, I was hoping someone who has experiance with them could help me with my specific situation.

I’m looking to get my first joystick and I’m looking at the madcatz because I feel the cost/quality/ease of moddability make these the best for a newbie.

Right now I’m really trying to decide between the TE (or the MvC2, it’s the same stick right?) or the SE. If I buy the SE I plan on upgrading to Sanwa parts but then it costs almost as much as the TE. The reason I would rather upgrade an SE for the same price is because I’m an expresive guy and I’d love to be able to customize my stick. If I buy the TE there is no reason for me to spend more money except to change the colors of the buttons which would be a waste of money.

So I ask: is a stock TE really that much better than a Sanwa modded SE? I realize the TE is a lot cooler and I would prefer to get that but it would limit my customization capabilities because I’m already spending my big chunk of cash on the controller alone.

Any opinions would be greatly appreciated because it’s not like there is somewhere I can go to try out either stick before I purchase one.

Also, if it matters I’m playing on the ps3.

The only major difference is that you can get plexi for a TE, whereas you’ll have to use a lamilabel for a SE. There have been some attempts to create SE plexis, but they have been largely ineffectual. Since you’re looking to limit your spending in the short run, I suggest starting with a SE.

As a matter of fact I’m not worried about initial costs at this point I’m just curious if it’s worth forgoing the more robust stick just so I can have the buttons colored the way I want. I want to make sure I’m not letting my own vanity get in the way of a better stick.

Also the MvC2 stick IS the same as the TE stick right? Just a different scheme?

get the TE. its bigger & heavier, which allows for much easier lap play. the SE is just small for that. plus the TE has a storage compartment for the cord!

the MvC2 stick is ALMOST the same as a regular TE. The button assignment is slightly different, as it was created for MvC2 and not SF4. If you don’t mind reassigning a few buttons in SF4, then have at it!

If you plan to replace the SE’s parts with Sanwa ones (joystick included), the buttons and joystick will be exactly the same in it as they would be in a TE. If you’re not worried about cost, the TE is generally more comfortable to play on.

Also, yes. The parts are the same anyways.

TE more customize than SE.
So what are you saying?

Oh, the money is limiting factor to customization.

TE is around $100, SE with parts is around $100. If I customize the TE I’m looking at something closer to $130 without any actual quality upgrade.

Gamestop has the MvC2 for $100 but I hate the yellow, I might buy it then get my GF the SE and put the yellow buttons on hers and buy new buttons for mine.

Is there anything else you would recommend to me instead for the “around $100” range?

get the marvel te for a 100 while its on sale it looks better then the se and reg te as well u can always open it and switch the last four buttons to sf4 layout as well no biggy

also the te is all sanwa and its biiger and heavier then the se which is a plus

Would I be able to switch the button positioning in the MvC stick without messing with the PCB? So I wouldn’t have to remap the buttons?

yes, you can move the wires that connect to the buttons onto the correct buttons. would take 2 minutes, tops.

Get a TE stick.

You can always sell the extra buttons to someone in the trading outlet sub-forum (if you’ve been a SRK member for at least 6 months with at least 50 posts) or keep them as backup buttons/microswitches. Your idea of also buying a SE stick and replacing the stock buttons with the extra buttons is also a good way to spread out the costs.

Get a TE, the SE is small and light and not really good for long periods of play. Also no cord compartment, easily one of the TEs best features.

if you plan on getting an SE solely with the intent of modding it, then its not bad. but ive seen a ton of vids/posts complaining about these things shitting out.

i would just get the TE stick. I have it, and its nice. Its easier to mod as well, because ive heard th SE wires/parts etc are really hard to get out.

lol @spektrum & funkyp you guys and door. there really shouldnt be a debate here kelter skelter the TE is best commercial stick, period. and, since you dont care about the price, just do it. NOT FOR THE DOOR!

no…do it FOR the door and the door only! :slight_smile:

If I had the option of choosing either the HRAP3 SA or the TE, i’d choose the TE because the door is the defining factor that set them apart.

^ exactly.

I own several joysticks including Hori and customs, but I only take the TE with me to tourneys and generally only play on the TE at home. Why? because of that door. lol it makes it 100 times easier to travel with it and it leaves my gaming area much cleaner; not to mention…safer.

So I guess it’s a toss up now if I go get the MvC2 stick at gamestop for $106 (cost plus tax) or I try to find a place online that has the TE for as close to $106 as possible because I hate the yellow.

Can someone help me find the TE art+case modding thread?

I definitely think I’ll still get the SE for my GF and do some part swapping when I decide to swap out some stuff on my TE. The lighter weight and smaller size will probably be a plus for a woman (unless she falls in love with mine and ends up wanting a TE)

TE Round 1 for $112 shipped:

Also, check the Trading forum. People sell TE sticks there all the time.

i have an ex se and the te is just better, i love seimitsu over sanwa as well and the te is just better, its overall fit and finish is better. everything about it for commercial stick is better, i’m sure u wouldnt say the same thing about the new hori v with the door. it sucks badly