Mad catz Sticks


Has anyone actually received or brought one of these at a store? I ordered them back in December and I got a email stating that they got pushed back. March or April is now the estimated ETA on them. I cant believe this!:crybaby:


Wrong forum.

There’s stick discussion being held in the SF4 forum and Tech Talk as well.


Go here and talk about sticks.


And not in a new thread preferably. 75% of threads in Tech Talk are questions regarding the madcatz sticks.


I’m amazed at the stupidity of 08 and 09 members.


Everytime a noob makes a post, the all mighty kills a kitten.


Nope, no ones gotten a single one of these yet. WTF MADCATZ.


With how things have been lately cats should be extinct…Or damn near


I pre-ordered a TE stick back in Dec. and just got a confirmation email saying that it shipped and I should have it on 2-23-09 :cool:


I had mine on release day. :tup:


Yeah, madcatz should be dead by now.


Yay I have my premium back so I can go ahead and neg this guy.


and I have premium,so I can rep you for negging him. :tup:


i pos rep you. i neg rep him.



Just a follow up, the stick did arrive and it is so sexy :lovin: