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B1G1 Free on the following:

[]Round 1 Tournament Edition FightStick
]Round 2 Tournament Edition FightStick
[*]Tatsunoko VS Capcom FightStick

The sale is while supplies last or until 12/01.

Not many left.


Hope you guys are happy with this sale. Now this is the LAST sale on FightSticks from me for the rest of the year, unless you go to an actual event.


Slow shipping?

I ordered some sanwa parts a week ago, and the site has not even processed my order. It has been more than 2 business days, and I still have no word from this site. On the other hand, other joystick suppliers have shipped joysticks to my door in 2 days. Has anyone else experienced slow shipping with this site?


Hey MarkMan, how many round 1 te’s are left exactly?


hey markman is it possible to order a round 2 te and get the round 1 free? Or does the free stick have to be one of the same ordered? Thanks!!


Yah! I ordered a Chun-Li S stick over the past weekend with the NorCal Regionals sale (I would have waited for this if I knew about it). I ordered the stick on Saturday, so It’s been 3 business days and it’s still in progress. I also sent them an email early today with no response. My credit card hasn’t even been charged yet… I hope to get my stick soon, but it’s not looking like it’s going to make the 5-7 business days delivery time.


Sweet offer!

Majin, are you still willing to help your fellow Canadians for this?


uhhhh maybe 1 last time


got some Round 1’s just ordered


So can anyone comment on how their shipping times are? Has anyone received anything?


Couldn’t pass this up. Plus by signing up for the newsletter you can get an extra 10% off which pretty much covers shipping. Now if I can only get them to refund the stick I sent them for repair.


I’ve signed up for the newsletter a few times now, but I haven’t received an email yet.
Tried signing up yesterday, and today.


Maybe try using an alt email if you got one, I wasn’t getting anything till I used my gmail


Cool, made a gmail myself, worked. thanks man.

I got another thing I’m wondering about now, On the main page, it says they accept Paypal now, but when I check out, I can only choose from the major credit cards.

I also checked out the HELP section, and they don’t mention anything on paypal neither.


spent another 300 on sticks lol w0000


Ran into a small problem where the checkout timed out, but after some twiddling and patience, it looks like my order went through. Sweet deal. Thanks for the early Christmas, dudes.


Damn you Markman! I just bought two more sticks that I don’t need. :slight_smile:


Is there anyway to buy a xbox stick and get a ps3 stick free? I’ve avoided buying sticks in the past just cause I don’t want to buy one for each system and this would be very helpful.


I’m on the same boat man. I ordered my Chun stick on 11/20. Sent emails and everything as well. Still “In Progress” I also bought 2 more sticks for the 2 for 1 deal. I hope they come sometime next week or at least the week after. I spent a lot of money on that site within the past couple of days.