Mad CatZ Street Fighter 4 Tournament Stick for PS3 for trade for Xbox one


I have a ps3 tournament mad catz stick im willing to trade for an xbox one. I dont have ps3 so the stick is pretty much worth less to me.


is it brand new still in box? if so i might consider buying it from you, although i wouldnt pay more than retail price for it. sorry i dont have a xbox stick to trade. you can also sell it on ebay, i see them going for a pretty good price on there.


How much you selling it for?


id start a thread in the trade post or hit up the good ol’ ebay and craigslist to get this thing off but prices are goin down for ur respective madcatz sticks (not so much on ebay as on craigs tho…) :china:


i bought the stick for 200 so anything less isnt happening. its brand new in box sitting at my desk right now. i really just want an xbox one for it. if you guys know where to find one lemme know.


Don’t know where to get Xbox version other than ebay and craigslist, but I’m interested in taking it off your hand if price is right. Thanks


I have a couple xbox one sticks, pm me for details.

Edit: Can you define “xbox one”. Do you mean

  1. A stick for the orginal xbox one.

  2. A TE stick for an xbox 360.

  3. Any stick for an xbox 360.

I can only help you out if you want option 1.


nah i want an xbox tournament stick madcatz version and will trade an unopened ps3 mad catz tournament stick i have.


anyone wanna just buy the stick from me, since it seems i wont be able to get an xbox one for it. ?




How much?