Mad Catz Street Fighter IV 4 Fight Stick For Xbox 360 IN STOCK

Hi, just thought i would let you all know, as i know these are heavily wanted in the uk at the moment.

I got my Street Fighter IV fightstick Limited Edition (Arcade Version) from a company called Valatech_Ltd On Ebay.

They have over 20,000 feedbacks and are based in the uk so deliver quickly.

I ordered yesterday and received mine this morning, so top notch delivery times !

I was advised by Game (the shop) that only 20 are coming into the country, and after speaking to Valatech_ltd they advised me they had 5 of these (4 now). So i would get in their quick and purchase one.

I have to say, im extremely impressed with the stick, very sturdy and makes this game the complete package.

Also been advised that the original problems with these sticks, has now been resolved and this is a new batch! so dont worry folks

Here is the link to their ebay shop page

And since they done me such a fantastic service, i said i would give them a little plug or two and say to buy one of their computer bundles etc, as they are extremeley cheap!!

Good luck everyone in getting your hands on this.

:smiley: Anarchy

99.99? You can get these for 69.99 from the Mad Catz website