Mad Catz Street Fighter IV Tournament Edition Round 2 (XBox 360)


Hi there. I have the option to buy this old stick for 70 bucks (I’m gonna use it on PC). Is the price “ok” given the age?
Also I would appreciate any advice to what I should look at when/if I decide to test it (problems that it might have), becuase I lack any actual experience on fight sticks.

Thank you.


70 is a good price for a TE, assuming that the seller claims that everything is working.


the cable can wear out over time with rough handling. you can try jiggling it a little with your feet to see if any movement causes the signal to disconnect. also test out the buttons to see if they all engage with light tapping. in joy.cpl on a windows computer you can test out the directional inputs of the joystick. if the microswitches are starting to wear out you’ll have a harder time hitting diagonals


Thanks for the answers guys.
He claims it’s in good condition (picture wise it looks good as well).

I’ll have in mind the suggestions when I test it, but just the lack of experience will prevent me from analyzing it correctly (I suppouse it’s only natural to have some kind of wear on the stick and buttons, given it’s a second hand, but how much is ok, or not or if there is an issue will be out of my knowledge area).


Some early revisions of the Madcatz TE for 360 have a problem in the triggers.

but it is kinda fixable with the help of some 10kOhm resistors :wink: