Mad Catz TE button layout

Hello, does anyone know which one of these layouts is the closest to Mad Catz TE 6 button Jap style layout? And if somebody has any knowledge of the photoshop, could you make centre dots on TE template buttons/stick wholes for the accurate drilling? I would appreciate that A LOT :china::pray:
TE template:
Btw sorry if there is such a thread, I cant find it. Thank You.

minus the top right hole

I think its this

But im unsure, So don’t go off of that.

EDIT: User below me, Is the one you should trust.

How come you didn’t respond to me when I answered you in the other Thread?

Now that you asked for which is the closest, then I think you read what was above.

The closest would be this.

So just use that.

Well there are 2 vewlix layouts and they’re little more more different than that extra button, didnt knew which one. Btw thank you, and maybe someone could do the photoshop thingy, if that is possible?

Ahh… now i realised that i had to stick with that thread… my bad, sorry