Mad Catz TE durability/wear and damage questions


Hey I just recently got my Mad Catz TE fightstick and have been enjoying every minute of it. Some issues have started to concern me maybe cuz i baby it so much. First of all, how easily do these sticks wear down or become less precise. My friend came over one day, he has aggression problem; so i let him play sf4 against me using my fight stick and I notice him clutching the ball and jolting the stick so hard like a stick shift on a car. It actually made a thump sound every time he changed direction. So my question is do you think this sort of play leads to any missconfiguration or leads to easiness of breaking? and if these sticks will break easily with general use? Also can anyone tell me if when they move the joystick a little(not enuff to actually turn the stick), just a little jiggle, that the stick moves alittle bit? I never really payed attention when i first got it so im not sure if this was caused by wear and tear. Thanks


My brother and I mash the buttons and move the joystick pretty violently sometimes, especially when we can’t pull of combo moves. Its lasted so far. Even if the joystick breaks, you can just replace it fairly cheaply.


If your friend is overly aggressive over your collector-hardtoget-limitededition stick, why do you let him play with it ?
Give him a pad, and it’ll be okay.


sanwas are mad loose so its expected if just a lil movement will move

considering japanese parts are actually used in arcades, you can be sure that they’ll last long. There are people that mash and bang those parts a lot.


i meant to ask if the ball moves alittle bit if u jiggle the stick, not if the joystick moves directionally if you jiggle it, lol its hard to explain, my friend kept askin to use it, being a nice i guy i let him, thanks for the responses so far.


Is the ball loose or something? I know my ball moves with the stick. Its on tight and it does spin the stick around. Which ever the ball spins, so should the stick, and vice versa. If that is what you are talking about, then that is normal.


the ball itself isnt loose, its the whole stick has a little movement(wiggles if u try to move it without the intention of moving directionally) before the click of direction happens


that’s just the deadzone, that’s normal. without the deadzone, pulling off complex directional maneuvers would be pretty hard.

Your stick should be fine. If it ain’t, get the warranty. If the warranty runs out, replace the faulty parts.

quick and easy.


One of the great things about the TE (and the SE too for that matter) is that if something breaks it’s very easily user serviceable.

Tell your masher buddy if he breaks your stick he owes you for the parts to fix it, tho!


That jiggle u described is not a good thing. means the parts that hold the stick in place are wearing down. I just bought my TE Edition 6 days ago and it does not do that wiggle-jiggle thing at all. Better tell ur friend to buy u some new parts.


I agree. What I would do is build a custom stick using my stock parts from my Sanwa modded SE. Only I can play with the SE, while the crappy stick is for friends. Or they can always use the pad.