Mad Catz TE Fanta mod question

First of all, sorry is this is the wrong/place thread but couldn’t find anythign using the search tool.

Anyways, I ordered a Fanta stick put into my TE.
There’s just one thing I need to make sure before I start wawing my hands around on the inside the case and most likely break something.

I have a jlf-h harness such as in the picture above. Will that plug fit into the TE pcb?
And just to make sure, the black wire is ground on ps3 right?

God I suck at this.

Black is USUALLY ground on everything regarding the JLF harness.

Yes it will.

And I hope you know what you’re doing, because

  1. You’re going to have to modify the hole for the stick to protrude out of to fit the Fanta, or order a replacement panel from blklightning
  2. The Fanta does not have a harness connector on it, so you will have to hack up the harness, and solder the wires to the microswitches, daisy chain ground, and such. You could also put on Quick Disconnects instead of soldering if you prefer that route, but the fact is that the plug leading to the stick will have to be cut off. For sure.

If you’re uncomfortable doing this, or have no clue how to do it, don’t be afraid to commission someone to do it for you. But it’s at least interesting to learn how to do this yourself.

The only thing that really bothered me was if that would fit into the pcb. I’ve studied all the other stuff on how to mount a fanta in a TE so that’s not a problem.
Metalworking shouldn’t be a problem either since I picked a couple things up from my job as a plumber! (It’sa me… Mario!)
I did contact bklightning but I haven’t heard of him in almost a week. And I am mister hasty pants when it comes to this stuff. And I hate being hasty pants.

Cheers for the reply, was helpful. Might actually make a comic like thing when I mod mine so the others who are interested in it can see what you need to do exactly, since there’s not a whole lot of TE fanta mod guides that I could find anyway.

The Sanwa JLF-H will not plug into the Mad Catz TE PCB.
The Joystick Harness does not have any connector to plug into the TE PCB.

Buy a Harness from blklightning21.
He makes Harness with Quick Disconnect and Daisy-chain and connector for PCB.

Or make yourself in the way of rtdzign.
Use the Harness already in TE, rtdzign just use a Dreamcast for demonstration.

Stick wires into the connector.
Crimp on Quick Disconnects.

You can do elaborate like rtdzign also.
This one plus into the original TE Harness.

Thanks jdm, didn’t even think of sticking those wires into the connector, I suck with electronics you see.

its like jdm has those sorts of posts on copypasta in his files somewhere

It’s good to have one of those people around =)

I do have, really.

I have a Text File with all of my Posts that I can copy and paste.
Because we are always getting the same questions in Tech Talk.

i thought so, i really did