Mad catz te fight stick 360/ps3


i saw a video on youtube and was intrigued at the fact that someone modified their stick to play for both systems. the link is [media=youtube]MWEmxlHC2XU&feature=related[/media], some dude named h4k or something added some switch that he soldered into the stick where he can switch from one system to another. i just want to know if anyone out there has an idea of what that switch is called, and where can i buy it…or instruction thread on how to do it…any help will be useful and appreciated. thanks in advance


Oh my god. Use the search button. Just look around a bit… easiest thing to find ever.


It requires not only a DPDT switch, but also a second PCB for each system. You need to look up “dual modding”. Depending on what stick you have you have to hack a Madcatz common ground pad for a PS3 TE/SE or get a Cthulhu if you have a Xbox 360 TE/SE.
An Imp board is used if you don’t want to use a switch.
Not a beginner mod in my opinion, but here you go.


thanks a lot, i appreciate the help and heads up. looks like i’m gonna be sending my stick away to get modded, any suggestion on who i should go to…i’m from new jersey, so the closer the better…but not necessarily important.