Mad Catz TE Jap/Euro/US versions?


Just wanting to know if there is any difference between the TE arcade sticks across the different regions. Wanting to know this as in Australia it doesnt seem to be available until April and therefore if it is the same everywhere I wanna try and get one from overseas. Sooner rather then later! Not only that it’ll probably end up being cheaper as they want $250 AU for it here.

Seeing the availability is somewhat limited in the US I’m sure it’ll still be available sooner in US then here in Aus. So given that, if they are the exact same version everywhere, where should I be looking at getting one? What are some sites that will likely get new stock in once first shipments are out. Any further advice or help would be appreciated. Cheers

they are all the same. peripherals arent region coded.

where should i be looking to order one to get it asap then…

probably ebay …

I would look to one of the custom builders here for a stick. For the price you will pay to have it sent to you, you can end up gettig a one of a kind custon with much better parts in it. That is the route i have decided to go since it seems everyone getting one of those madcatz ones turn up selling them on ebay for 2-3X the price.

who can i get in contact with. the review from this site on youtube seemed to give serious props to the TE stick. i can always go the custom route later if need be. for the extra $50 or whatever think ill just go with the TE. im sure ill get my moneys worth

What they’re saying is it’s tough to get a TE stick right now. They retail for $150, but are selling on ebay for $300. For much less than that $300, you can get a custom stick made. TE sticks are great…just can’t find them.

edit: guess they’re starting to pop up again. Thread about a guy finding a recent shipment of some sticks at Best Buy.

am i missing something here? there are heaps of buy it nows on ebay for $125…

cancel that ^ these are non TE versions.