Mad Catz TE - Jumping forward sometimes just jumps straight up

Hey guys my Mad Catz TE stick sometimes will not jump forward & instead just jumps straight up when on the player 2 side it’s a brand new stick i bought it like 5 days ago and my old TE never had this type of problem.

Is there anyway i can fix this problem it’s really bugging me?

is the stick on DP or LS?


It just randomly jumps up sometimes instead of jumping forward so annoying. I have even tried spinning the stick in rapid 360 motions to fix it but that didn’t work. :confused:

its either the actuator:

or the jlf pcb:

again i’ve never heard of the 360 pcb issue so those are my suggestions

I think this might be the problem when i jump forward it registers :uf: & then instantly registers :u: straight after even though i only input :uf: this was in UMvC3 do you think that could be the problem or does that happen to everyone when jumping forward?

How can you tell if its the actuator or the jlf pcb and do I just need to replace them or is there something I can do to fix it? I’m having the same issue. I’m using a PS3 SE box with a 360 TE’s buttons and stick that I switched in, but my problem is the same. Looking at the inputs it seems like the stick is off center or something as I can get up, up right, right, down right, and down inputs fine, but when I try to hit up + left or down + left, it seems to be about 50/50 whether I get the desired input, or just up (or just down respectively). I have a square gate and if I move just left the left comes out fine, but if I move the stick up or down along the gate I usually get an up (or down respectively) before I get an left + up or left + down. The result is that most of the time that I try to jump to the left I jump straight up instead and some times when I want to say, do a 2, 1, 4 move I get 2, 1, 2, 4 or even just 2, 4 even if I follow the gate all the way around.

Okay well I fixed the problem, I unscrewed the physical stick portion, re-aligned it with the screw holes, screwed it back in, and its working fine now. I can only assume that I didn’t screw it in quite tightly enough when I made the parts transfer months ago and that over time it slowly drifted off center just enough to effect my ability to hit left side diagonals. Its hard to imagine Shano’s problem is the same since his is brand new and unaltered, but if your (shano) okay with voiding your warranty, you might want to try doing the same thing as you shouldn’t be getting solo “up” commands when your stick is firmly held in the up + right or up + left direction and the fact you initially said it was only happening on one side like it was for me suggests to me that its probably also screwed in slightly off center to the right making it more difficult to hit left commands in the corners. Also might be worth checking if its giving you down commands when you move the stick down and to the same side you were having trouble jumping.