Mad Catz TE PS360 Mod Problem! D:


First of all, I would like to apologise for using this account I found on Bugmenot. For some odd reason, the registration wouldn’t work :frowning:

Secondly, I would like to say I’m an on-and-off reader and first time poster.


Today I cracked open my Xbox Mad Catz TE stick in hopes of modding it so I can play SSF4 on my PS3. I have a PS360 PCB to get the job done.

However, looking at the wiring confuses me. The PS360 installation PDF (which you can find here) instructs to daisy chain the ground wire. I can’t quite see any way of doing this without getting brand new cables and crimps for the stick though…

So I’ve been wondering:
Can you just run a single ground off the original 2 bar terminals onto the PCB?

If not, then what’s the proper way to get this done? :frowning:

Thanks in advance!


I believe you can run off the terminals. One user at the Akihabara thread had some pictures.


Ah yes, I’ve seen these pictures. I can’t quite make out how it works though D:


After studying those pictures for a while, I think I understand…

If I’m right; re-wiring those groups of 5 wires (for the attack buttons) to their corresponding input on the PS360 would work, yes?

I wouldn’t bother posting this, but you can’t see the other half of the PCB :frowning:


It should work like how you said. But if you want confirmation, ask the guys in the thread. They installed it already.


Sounds good. Cheers engineers!


It will work fine, just solder a wire to one of the disconnects on the ‘ground’ side of the terminal strip. Run the other end to your PCB ground. The ‘ground’ side of the terminal strip essentially daisy chains the grounds from each button for you.