Mad Catz TE Round 1/phreak mod TEasy Strike problem

MCZ TE Round 1 Xbox with TEasy Strike mod

I’ve been using this no problem until one day I decided to plug it into an Xbox and the Xbox LEDs all flash once and then stops. It’s not responsive on Xbox or PS3. Did my stick just blow out? Everything on the inside looks fine.

Hmm help someone?

Same thing happened with my Teasy Strike. I removed it and soldered the USB cable back to the MadCatz PCB and the stick has been fine on the 360 and PC.

Try changing the USB cable ?

I got it working again. The way I got it working was reflashing the firmware on the phreak mod. After reflashing it… you must go into the configuration editor and re-enable everything. Also, it must be put on working mode as “pass through device”. I guess plugging it into certain things kind of messes it up.

check out the past post… if you want to try to fix yours again i can help out with further details. I was in contact with clayton with phreak mod who helped me out.