Mad Catz TE/SE to wireless?

I apologize in advance if this has been asked (I’m sure it has) but I couldn’t find it here.

Did someone mod the Mad Catz TE/SE to be wireless with all turbo and guide buttons working? Is there a guide that explain this?

I have asked asked around and it sounds like you will lose all the functions
of the madcatz pcb if you go with another pcb. I am currently modding my
TE to be wireless using the sixaxisadapter board. I really don’t use turbos
anyway. To me the trade off is worth it. Plus now I can play BC games on
my PS3. And turn my system on/off wirelessly. You can’t even turn on
your PS3 with the TE wired to it. You can also keep your charging cable in
the cord compartment. :lovin:

That would be sweet :smiley:

But why cant you have the Turbo function as well?

But why would you want the turbo function? :wink:

I’d like all features to be intact, especially the Xbox 360 guide button lights.

this sounds interesting, no wire for family members to trip over. post a tutorial when you finish.

edit: nvm i foundeded it a duh

Because the turbo function is on the PCBoard that you would be replacing, and is not on the wireless PCB

key word is “Replacing”

Imagine if you ripped out the 4 cyl Engine in your economy car,and replaced it with a v8 monster engine to increase the speed/horsepower of your car.

would you ask “Why Can’t i have 35MPG anymore?” in that scenario?


I get your point, but I think the turbo has a separate board:wink:

That sounds like an awesome Idea Jayducky but I think I’m gonna hold out for another BC firmware so I can keep the Dpad or Analog Stick switch working.

And that connects to the main PCB, which will be replaced.

If it’s wireless wouldn’t you have to add batteries?

Thats correct.

On another note, I just thought of an idea that might work (need confimration from the tech savi)

What if I added another wireless PCB and connect it to the Mad Catz PCB? will this work?