Mad Catz TE - some stickmovements not recognized


Today I was practicing some combos in the lab when suddenly (without any violence done to my stick) the right direction (as well as up-right and down-right) of my stick stopped working.
I restarted the game and then it would sometimes(!) recognize the movement or for like a second when I hold it to the right. After some 360’s it kinda stabilized but still for example a dash would come out when I just pressed right or I stopped walking even if I still held to the right.

We’re talking about the Street Fighter Tournament Edition stick, used for the PC version of Street Fighter IV.

I opened the stick and didn’t see any visual damage, the cables are fine and the switches in the joystick look healthy.

What parts should I replace to make this thing work again? :smiley:


Is the stick set to DP and not LS?


Problem occured while on DP and is there on LS too.


Sounds like your stick’s right direction microswitch needs replacing. It would have to be desoldered and solder one of these in place of it:


If you do not feel like soldering, you can replace the whole microswitch assembly