Mad Catz TE stick second batch?

Im not sure if this still counts as ‘tech talk’ but its stick related so I figured this was the best place for the thread.

Like ooooohhhh so many of us I did not receive my TE stick on release. Personally I ordered mine from in early Jan I think.

I was under the impression that the second batch would be in April(ish) but having seen an interview with Seth Killion last night it seems there may be a few making their way out in late and March according to him.

I was just wondering if anyone has received a stick post release date from the second batch. Might give those of us still waiting some hope lol.


09 is that you?! jk (Hate being 09)

Hey, any questions you have regarding about the SE/TE Fight Stick probably should be asked here. Better for you and the actual forum :]

edit noticed it was an SE thread. But hey, I tried. (Not really :[)
edit-dos Lol, nvm that thread is fine :]

You see I knew there would be a better place for this.

Appologies to all.