Mad Catz TE stick stopped working

i was playing SSFIV AE earlier today on my 360 and the stick was working fine. i finished playing, unplugged the stick, and put it away as usual. just a few minutes ago i turned my 360 on and plugged the stick in, and nothing happens. the Xbox button doesn’t light up like normal, and the stick is basically dead. i tried plugging it into my PC to see if it was just the USB on my 360 or something, but that didn’t help.

so does anyone know what might have happened? is it just time to get a new stick?

Did your USB cable get damaged? That can cause a stick to be unresponsive.

to the best of my knowledge, the USB cable is still perfectly fine. there’s nothing noticably wrong with it, and i don’t twist it or bend it into any weird’s smooth with no breaks or tears in it.

i just read where some of the older TE sticks have PCB problems. could that be it?

ah, i feel like a dork now. i know what the problem was. that place where the USB cable connects to itself with the circular shape near the end…that just barely came loose to where it was hard to notice unless looking close. i pressed it shut tight and it works. lol. thanks for the help!