Mad Catz TE stick, swap 24 mm button issue


hey all,

  so i got my buttons in and swapped the main 8, but when i went to change the two small ones, i cant seem to get the wires off or  reach my hand down there to push the tabs in.  any suggestions?



pull harder. try some needle nose pliers for leverage.


Haven’t done this ina while but there is a way to pop off those 24s without comlpetely disassembling the bottom (which is what i first did). Pop it out one tab at a time with a thin screwdriver and remove the wires as they are dangling out of the case.


To push in the tabs I happened to have a clay scupting tool that was bent at the perfect angle to push in the hard to reach tab in as I pushed the other side with a screw driver. Anything shaped like a dentist mirror that is rigid enough should do.


Use a long thin flat-head screw driver to push one of the tabs you can’t reach while using one of your fingers to hit the other tab. That’s how I got mine off.