Mad Catz TE sticks on sale for $89 at Fry's today only (8/15)

Helluva deal. I picked up a 2nd one today. Most locations have had them in stock the last few times I have gone.

If you haven’t picked one up or have been debating whether to get an SE and mod it or a TE, this is an opportunity to make your mind for you.

I guess this deal is not online? looks like $99 with 8 dollar shipping.

I bought one at Gamestop yesterday for full price do you think I should return it? Can I return it?

Its $100 online but still a good deal

I let a few of my friends know about it, great deal.

I picked one up just to have for reference. I might want to return it though. I already have 5-6 sticks that work with the 360. I feel real sorry for folks that paid $300 for one a few months ago.

Oh god, please let this not sell out. I’ll have to buy online, so with shipping and everything, I think I’ll save like 20 bucks as opposed to buying from Amazon or something.

Keep in mind that they charge tax for certain states if you order online.

You can return the one you get from Fry’s to Gamestop when it ships to you if you already opened it and Gamestop gives you problems with the return.

Just ordered one! $115.60 in total, beats paying 200 plus on eBay. Hope get use to it so i can replace the fight pad.

The only thing I didn’t care for when ordering online from Fry’s was having to pay sales tax…

I’ve rarely had to do that with online vendors since I live in the Midwest.

Other than that, great deal! Even with the two-day ship option, it was over $30 less than I paid for the first-run Mad Catz TE stick from GameStop.

I wanted to get another one of these cheaper for art customization. I’ll keep the other one stock with a red ball handle, but this one is getting the “super hero” treatment. Still haven’t decided when theme to go with yet. Maybe the HRAP scheme I was planning until this sale popped up!

Thanks to Taluvan for posting the sales link…

I do hope somebody posts the revised TE stick with Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 art when it shows up. Right now, nobody has a picture of this yet. I might still get one of those in spite of the cost.

I’m still sorely tempted by the vanilla Asian TE sticks…

I ordered mine a couple hours ago, $109.42 or something close to that. So yeah, I saved about 25 bucks. Pretty stoked to get this, my SE (even though I’ve modded it with sanwa parts) isn’t really too comfortable. It feels too small, and when I’m getting really into the fights, it tends to move around. Because I set it on an ottoman, stead of a table…

But hopefully the much bigger size and weight will help me out. I’ve always felt like I needed more space there.

Grabbed a second 360 TE this afternoon!

Too good of a deal to pass up.

Ya I picked up one today too. I have a PS3 SE Stick and plan to do a dual mod with this 360 TE.

Just ordered

Now I finally have 2! $99 + $9 shipping and no tax!

Now that I have two, I’m thinking about making a stand to mount them to. Any suggestions?

I was able to get my order in just 5 minutes under the end of the sale. Big ups to the SRK community for informing the peeps. I was sick of trying to hunt down a second TE stick and this was just what I needed.

I got one online because there is no frys around here, I had to pay $7 something tax

So the total was 115 for ground shipping

Not bad, thanks Taluvan for the info!

I picked up 2 yesterday at $89 at my local fry’s. They had at least 20 of them stocked and stacked on the floor in Palo Alto.

$99 is still active online. East coast fry’s do not have the instore price, however if you order online and do instore pickup they will honor it for that price.

I was about to get it last night. Too late. Its said no instore pickup and not available for shipping.

AHH, I’m too late…No frys here in Florida.:sad: