Mad catz TE2+ assistance NEEDED


I recently bought the mad catz TE2+ on amazon and it works great. However, I noticed the street fighter V is unable to be played when I click the unlock button using it. It goes to the options or start menu. I initially thought this may have been a feature in SFV and just clicked unlock and lock (have to press it twice or the buttons on the stick don’t work along with the joystick). I have to do this to ready up in the lounge every time and its very tedious. Then I noticed the options button doesn’t work when I’m in PS4 or PS3 mode in the main sony menu or any other games so I knew that I had a problem with the stick or I wasn’t using it right. I didn’t change the stock buttons for options or share that came with the stick. The other button next to it functions perfectly fine (the share button), which is attached to the same board (only two buttons attached to the terminal). I checked to see if maybe the stick had a loose connection to the board and there wasn’t. I unplugged it and plugged it back in. Again, same issue. Share still worked after I did this as well so I thought maybe its not the board. Next, I swapped the buttons to make sure the original options button wasn’t stuck ON, causing the game to automatically pause when I unlock. Same result. Share still works so its not the button. The only conclusion I can draw is either the wire or something wrong with the board. I contacted Mad Catz technical support just now but I’m trying to avoid sending it it if this is something cheap to fix (I use it every day and that would suck because it still technically works). I wanted to reach out the FGC and hopefully somebody either had this problem or has a good idea of how to fix it. I have limited tech skills, but I’m sure its not rocket science. If this HAS to go Mad Catz, bummer.
Hope somebody can help me out!

  • Shane


Plug it into a PC, and go to the joystick properties and test the buttons.
Do any of the buttons appear to be stuck or held down?


I’ll definitely take a look at that when I get a chance. That’s a good idea.


So I tried your recommendation. and the button looks like it stuck ON. I unplugged the button and it indicated it was still stuck on. I unplugged the wire from the board. Stuck ON. Its the board. I’ve already contacted Madcatz so it looks like I’ll have to send it in. I’m not sure what kind of board is in it or if its easily replaceable. That would useful information if someone knows.


Take a couple of clear pics of your PCB, if you can, and we might be able to help you pinpoint it. If you’re lucky, it might just be some extra solder that’s shorting it.


I don’t really feel comfortable taking the PCB off atm, but I’ll take pics of it as close as I can. I don’t really see any excess solder so I think I’m pretty much screwed.






Here are the images, sorry


You may have to take it out and show them the underside. Looks like it’s just a couple of screws holding it in.


If you can fuck madcatz please fuck them

although i fixed a pretty similar problem a month ago just replacing an inline resistor :slight_smile:


I appreciate the feedback. I’ve already sent it to madcatz. Their tech support has not been the greatest. I was surprised I had to ship it and pay for all of that myself. I’m not sure if whether they’re going to just replace the PCB or what, but they received it last Thursday. Even though I was tempted, I didn’t feel comfortable removing the PCB myself and I don’t really have and soldering experience so I didn’t want to jack it up. Either way, we’ll see what happens.


I had the same issue with my ‘o’ button they sent me a brand new stick and it has the exact same issue out of the box, but now its the ‘x’ button. Quality madcatz control, I’m just glad its my spare stick.


In later news, they replaced the old stick and it looks and feels great. Everything works and it took about 4 weeks. I’m a little pissed I had to pay for shipping $40+ bucks and the communication from their end was pretty poor. It took a week of messaging ( they would only respond once a day no matter how quick I responded). As far as the status of my claim, it went from a week of not knowing if they got it, to getting a message that they were out of the te2+, to quickly getting a message afterwards saying they were going to send one, to claim closed without any idea of the status of my claim or what was going to happen. Never got a tracking number or anything. I got a phone number to some separate dept to some guy in India who would look at updates on a screen, which was pretty much what I was able to do on the website. I tried to ask him if they had shipped out the replacement and he gave me the long answer for “I don’t fucking know and I’ll call you back if I do,” which he never did. After I was pretty well pissed off and starting to give into the fact that I probably just got fucked, it miraculously showed up in the mail. SO… Not really a pleasant experience. I hate to say it because now that I have one and it works, its probably one of the best sticks I’ve ever played and does everything I ever imagined. God help you if you happen to get one that doesn’t work.
On a positive note, even though I had to shell money after receiving a faulty product, they did replace it without giving me any shit. By that, I mean they didn’t try to scam me and say the damage was my fault or something like that. If that were the case, I would never give them my business again. Like I said, great high quality product if the damn thing works out of the box. Mad Catz as a company? I can see why they’re shit tanking at the moment. Either that, or I can see the effects of them shit tanking at the moment. Hope this helps anyone if they ever bump into this.