Mad Catz TE2+ Customisation

Hi all! Basically I have a stock TE2+ since SFV came out for the ps4, anyhow I saw some mods the other day and one that gripped me was a programmable LED board.

I however can’t seem to find this part anywhere, I’ve tried google & looked over e-bay, does anyone know where I can locate the part I am seeking?

Thanks :smile:

Paradise Arcade Shop has exactly what you want so you’ll have to wait on a restock on that part, unfortunately the part is out of stock at the moment. The part you’re looking for is called the LVT3 and they are a popular product that usually goes out of stock within the first day of restocking. Alternatively you can use Paradise’s Kaimana LED kits to have your LED needs.

Ah really? okay thanks! I will have to keep an eye out there then :tongue: Can’t believe how pricey it is though!

Again, you can use the Kaimana+Breakout route and achieve similar results and it is a very straightforwards process!

In the future, please use this thread for small questions like this