Mad Catz TE2 KI ghost inputs, please help


So i played a couple of matches Killer Instinct with it’s new balance patch and after some time my stick started to act crazy!
It did random directional and button inputs! it seemed liked possessed! it pressed all buttons including guide start x,y,a,b and everything!!

i opened the stick and disconnected the button and stick cables from the pcb and it was still registrating inputs!
seems like the PCB is broken or something…

can someone help me???

i didnt change or mod anything on that stick


Is there anything that could be creating a short, a loose strand of wire or screw bouncing inside,


thought about that too and used a vacuum cleaner on that pcb.
unfortunatly i am not sure if i am allowed to open the pcb box completely! i know the TE2 is mod friendly but the box around the pcb has different screws… dont wanna loose the warranty…
no sound from a loose screw.

sorry for my bad english

Okay i tried using different usb ports - still ghost inputs
I tried a lot of console restarts - still broken
I stopped trying, told the stick to go f*** itself and went to bed. This morning everything was okay again! Ghost is gone! What the hell?


Problem is back :frowning:

what the hell causes this???

i tested it on my laptop…works fine!
i tested my gamepad without its battery but with a charge kit on the usb drive and it works fine!


are you getting them on every input?


Yep. Seems so. Even the stick.
It’s strange, yesterday it worked perfectly. This morning it worked too


Try it on someone else’s console. If the same thing happens, then it’s most likely the stick and you should send it back for warranty.